About Us

Oscar Plants is a small family nursery based in Upper Caldecote Bedfordshire. We have a commercial nursery where we grow a large selection of the plants, which we exhibit at Flower & Garden shows across England and Wales. Our family have been growing and selling plants for three generations, firstly at markets and then at Garden & Flower shows. We have been exhibiting at RHS shows since 2008, and have been awarded best Plant Village award at RHS Cardiff 2014 & 2016, as well as 3rd Place at RHS Hampton Court 2017 and RHS Tatton Park 2015, as well as numerous three and four flower awards. We have also won trade stand awards at The Royal Berkshire Show, Malvern Autumn, and the three counties show.  

Our Nursery

When we are not out and about at shows the rest of our time is spent on our nursery.  Our nursery based in Upper Caldecote, is where we grow a large number of our plants. Our family has had  25 years experience growing plants. Orginally in the bedding plant market, in 2010 we started specialising in country cottage perennials. We grow our perennials in 2 litre pots, starting them off inside in the winter months and then moving them outside in early spring to toughen then up before summer sales. We have found this regime of growing makes our plants tougher than traditionally growing them continuously in a polytunnel environment.   

Alongside our perennials, we also grow a gorgeous selection of summer bedding and basket plants, Pansies and Cyclamen for the Autumn months, and Primulas & pot bulbs for the spring.

Our Environmental  Policy

We understand that all of us have to make changes to make our lives more sustainable. On the nursery we are currently trying to implement measures which reduce our waste and our envronmental footprint.

Since 2018 we no longer grow in black pots, all of our pots are coloured, making them easier to recycle. Most councils will recycle coloured plant pots check out recycle now for more information on  what specific councils can recycle.

In 2019 we are moving away from single use plastic trays, to "empot" reusable trays. These trays can be used many times over and we hope this will reduce our plastic waste significantly.

We currently grow in peat based compost, and we are actively looking at moving to non peat sources . However at this time the evidence for the quality and sustainabilty of coconut coir based compost means we cannot switch immediately.

We also donate many of our waste plants to gardening charities both helping out good causes, and reducing the wastage of old plants.

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