Gardening This Autumn

The nights are getting longer, the days are becoming fresher and summer is drawing to a close. However this does not mean you need to stop gardening, there is plenty to do in your garden at this time of year. Preparing Your Garden Your herbaceous perennials such as Delphiniums, foxgloves and Lupins are probably starting to look a bit worse for wear this time of year. Now is the time to give them a good cut back for the winter months, trim off foliage back to about 15cm from the ground. Don’t forget to put this great organic matter into your composter, you will be able to use this as mulch in early spring to get your plants off to a head start. Pull out any dead or dying bedding plants, most bedding plants will flower until the first frosts, but some will start running out of vigour.

Looking Forward to Spring From September onwards it's a great time to start thinking about planting your garden ready for spring. Bulbs come in a variety of sizes and can suit almost all conditions, in anyone's garden big or small. You can plant bulbs that can start flowering as early as February, you can put them in pots, in the lawn, the options of what colours and what sizes are endless! If you have any pots or hanging baskets that need refreshing, plant them now for a bright spring burst. We use a technique called layering for this layering involves planting your spring bulbs in ‘layers’ find out more on our Planting Bulbs Cheat Sheet. Plants There are plenty of plants that can go in your garden to give it a bit of colour this time of year. For a flash of colour in your garden, there are some great to plants for you to consider. These include: Cyclamen- Comes in a range of colours from white to deep purple. Heather- Autumn Heather does not require ericasious soil, therefore can be planted in any soil type, preferably well drained. Anenomie- They offer a daisy like flower, usually comes in whites and pinks that will flower at this time of year. Pansies- Perfect for pots! Pansies offer bright coloured flowers for low coverage either at the edge of flower beds or in planters.

These three key areas should keep you busy this autumn enjoying the last warmth of the sun and will have you ready for spring.

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