Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' will bowl you over!

At the nursery this week we have just started potting up our Erysimums for next year, and on my way home from the nursery after a hard days graft I dove past a house which caught my eye, all the other gardens at the moment have the same look of Autumn decay; perennials dieing back for the winter and bedding plants much past their best. However number 65 is still awash with colour, thanks to their Erysimums.

Erysimums really are a star plant in the garden and if you have any spare space, they really are a must have plant. Erysimums

are the plant that gives it all, they flower from early April to October non stop, even if you don't dead head. They are tolerant of most soil types even sandy poor dry soil.

Erysimums do have a habit of getting rather woody after a few years, a good cut back after flowering can prevent them getting too woody, but after a few years they may need to be replaced. However these plants when they are in the garden give it their all.

So when the spring kicks in, think about these brilliant plants to give constant colour all the way to the Autumn.

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