Caring for your Mother's Day plants

If you have been lucky enough to be gifted a mothers day basket or planter follow these simple steps to keep it look great.

1) Check whether its indoors or outdoors. When the gift was bought the price label will have said, if you're not sure google image the plant names below and when you recognise one that is in your planted you will know whether it's for indoors/outdoors or both.

Indoor Only Plants


Mini Rose

Chamaedorea palm Cyclamen

Outdoor Only Plants




Goldcrest (Cupressus)

Indoor/Outdoor Plants


Tete a tete



2) Once you receive your planter, especially if it is wrapped in cellophane, unwrap it and give it a good water.

3)Outdoor plants can be placed outside, they are suitable for freezing conditions. They may look sick when frozen but as they thaw they will perk up. Indoor plants should be placed inside somewhere frost free, light, and cool. Avoid windowsill that have radiators beneath.

4) Outdoor plants need little water when the weather is cold and wet but be mindful when its warm to keep them moist. Indoor plants need regular watering, little and often. DO NOT OVERWATER, Keep them on the drier side of moist.

5) Dead head any spent flowers to encourage reflowering.

6) Stand back and enjoy!!


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